I have been working on next month’s budget

I have our budget in excell and I can easily do a “save as” for next month’s budget, which is what I usually do. There is not a lot of change from month to month, mostly just a tweak here or there.

We have added in mowing for every other week. I had suggested it to dh and he had not said much, then a few weeks ago said he needed $$ to pay the guy to mow. I was like, “what? we finalized that?” I had begun to put a little back per month for next year. Now that we have given ourselves a raise, as of July 1 (first raise in years), it was easier. (The biggest % is added to the mortgage to the extra we were already paying.) So we are allowing for that every other week. I plan on stashing some every month even in the off season for mowing. Hopefully that will get us far enough ahead that we can do it every week next year. dh is mowing on the weeks that the guy does not come. It gives some relief because some weeks he has something almost every night.

We went out of town last week for a business trip. We went to Red Wing, Minnesota to learn more about how Red Wing boots are made. This will hopefully help us sell more RW boots. This learning trip hits the pocket book in the long run in a good way if sales go up. RW paid for the whole trip. (We had to kick in for one of the airline tickets, parking our vehicle and food at the airport (YUCK), and for the occasional snack/coffee when not in a meeting. We had as much fun as we could considering we were in meetings the bulk of each day. We did not get home till about 1:00 AM Friday, due to late flight home. Red Wing had the meals catered and the meat portion was tender but let me add—no disrespect intended ….—all the food definitely needs some flavor. We are used to food flavored generously where we live. Our food is not necessarily “hot” as in red pepper, but plenty of spices are used. I was so glad to get home to some salt and pepper, and I don’t mean the band!!! LOL

So right now we are in pretty good shape. We are blessed and know that though we cannot meet all our goals right now, we are in much better shape than we would be without DR’s help.

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