I am really trying to stay positive and live in gratitude

I am grateful that we are able to find the money to cover all these emergencies lately. I am.

But the other part of me is going: geez. The $2,500 I spent buying the 4Runner when the Saturn died, I could have paid off Comerica. The $500 deductible from the accident? Could have paid off Capital One (almost.) The $450 I’m now going to have to spend covering DS’s TMobile stunt (even if he pays for it eventually)? Could have paid off WalMart.

So the point of this is (besides me whining): It’s really like Dave says! He uses the example if your kid needed a life or death operation and you had to come up with $5k, you’d come up with the money. But we fail to be THAT (gazelle) INTENSE when it comes to getting out of debt.

These past few months have shown me that I need to be more proactive about finding another income stream. The child care gig is just not going to cut it. I get that they are freaking out at the idea of spending $800 a month, but I can’t continue to keep my life on hold for them if they’re not going to commit to the 20 hours a week like they said they were.

So I’ve been hitting the cyber streets applying for jobs and more child care gigs.

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