How do you spend cash wisely?

The babysitting gig looks like it’s going to start earlier than originally planned, she’s doing a part time back to work stint next week which will put about $120 in my pocket.
On the one hand, this would cover gas in the cars for the week.
On the other hand, it would add to our severely depleted BS1 and take money at
On the other hand, it would go a long way to getting one of our credit cards “current” (Walmart, the “lateness” is all late fees, we’re actually current on the required minimum base payment), or paying off other credit cards.
It’s not this $120 per se that I am stressing over (honestly, this one is likely going to go towards gas for the cars.) It’s what do I do going forward? I don’t want to get to the end of a month, realize I earned $800 in cash and have nothing to show for it (debt reduction or BEF)
I’m not very good at planning my cash spending, especially when it comes in dribs and drabs.
What do you all do?

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