Dh took a long weekend

This last weekend and we went traveling, blog to be posted on it soon. We didn’t go far, and we went on a shoestring using coupons, free camping, an annual pass, plus and loyalty cards on fuel. The trip was fun, but it made dh want to retire asap all the much more. I am so ready for him to, but the budget is not, at least not the way we want to retire.

Anyway, as we were driving home from errands yesterday we started discussing how blessed we have been during our life, and how with hard work and determination we have done so much more than many people will ever do in their life simply because of the choices they make.

Dh is one of 4 kids and I am one of two, we are both the oldest children in our families and the difference in our life style and those of our siblings is so huge. We, in our families, are the “Joneses” but not because of anything that has ever been handed to us.

There have been times in our life we have had a $.19 one pound bag of beans to feed the two of us on for a month so we could make certain our baby ate properly. We’ve been unemployed more times than I am comfortable with, and there was a time my husband was working one full time job and four part time jobs at the same time he was going back to school while I baby sat numerous children and was an extreme couponer to just make ends meet.

Murphy has been brutal to us at times, and God has been so wonderful at others. We discussed all this and more, and both feel we have a great adventure still laying before us, but if it should all end tomorrow we have our memories and no one can take those.

Why do I tell you this? Because I would like to challenge all of you, especially those who are really struggling to take the time out this weekend to discuss with your family all the blessings you have had as well. Once you start looking back, I think you will find you have had a very good life, and you too have a great adventure still ahead of you.

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